Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Dog Parade

I know, I know. Another non-food related post. I'm sorry, but this one is just to good to sit on any longer. If there's one thing I love more than cooking, it's animals...and animals in cute costumes. This morning was the Halloween parade for Tails in the City, a cute little dog store right on my block. Last year I stumbled upon it (how could I not, it's literally right outside my front door), but this year I knew it was coming and brought my camera.

There were the usual spooky costumes: a devil and a bat. And of course pumpkins.

Sniff party!

A shark, some flowers, a princess (?), and some Bears fans.

A ballerina dog...I don't know how she felt about that leotard.

Food dogs! Hot dogs, an ear of corn, a bunch of grapes...and a farmers market.

This guy kept trying to shake his cape off.

PUPPIES! A ladybug bulldog, and a Robin Hood yellow lab.

Plain pug.

And, in my opinion, the three most creative costumes. A jockey:

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in a little jail suit with a tiny wig, and a "For Sale: Senate Seat" sign.

And...Lady Gaga.


  1. i really enjoy your posts about food. i might enjoy your posts about halloween dogs even more.

    tell tim to get me a plain pug for christmas.

  2. While you're at it, tell Aslan to get me a bulldog puppy for Christmas. I would love to see that little face waiting for me under the tree.

    I think my favorite costume was Lady Gaga. Hilarious.