Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paris - Fish La Boissonnerie

Fish La Boissonnerie was one of the little restaurants we came across in our neighborhood (6th arrondissement) and decided to try it out for dinner on our second night there. Although, I guess it was already on our radar because it's owned by the same people as the wine store right outside our front door (La Dernière Goutte). It's a very low-key, friendly neighborhood spot with great, simple food.

For my first course, I ordered squash soup with chestnut foam. It was SO GOOD. A little sweet from the chestnut flavor, a little peppery, creamy, awesome. I would have licked the bowl if it was appropriate.

Foie gras and some kind of meat gelatin (??) for guess who.

I had scallops with haricots coco and lardons. So, I have never seen haricots coco in the U.S., but apparently they also go by the name of borlotti beans or cranberry beans. Judging by a quick internet search it seems that they are available, but a bit scarce. Although I guess I have never even looked for them in a store so maybe they're easier to find than I think. They are similar to a cannellini bean but a little smaller. And delicious with scallops and lardons.

Peter had a spaghetti and clams dish...

And my sister had salmon with a poached egg on top. An egg on top makes everything better.

To finish off the evening, I had a lovely dessert. You didn't think I would skip dessert, did you? I did, somehow, skip the picture. I could have sworn I took one but I can't find it anywhere. It was a chocolate terrine with red currants. Mmm.

Fish La Boissonnerie
69 Rue de Seine, Paris 75006


  1. For what is supposed to be a fish restaurant, the hype bore little resemblance to reality. A choice of only two fish..scallops that were tasteless and had the texture of frozen ones, a white fish so bland that any taste was overpowered by the choucroute. Both mains served cold. The starter of rocket salad, parmesan and date sounded good. It would have been if we were rabbits. What little parmesan or dates were lost in a sea of rocket. The overpriced wines come from a very mediocre region of France. The service was indifferent. We were tucked away in a little ghetto of English speakers at the back of the restaurant. Very very disappointing.

  2. The best meal we had in Paris on our last visit. We normally travel to eat! In a city of a sea of overpriced restaurants this place stands out as a casual, relaxed neibourhood eatery. Do not expect to be treated with reverence and I did not notice the "preferred customers" seating - the whole place is the size of my living room. The food is locally grown, tastefully prepared and elegantly presented.Do not expect big portions though.
    Customers were mostly locals, treated as good friends.