Monday, February 22, 2010

I Heart Cupcakes

I mean really, who doesn't?

I live right above a cupcake store. It's literally 10 feet from the front door of my building. Maybe less. Which is dangerous, especially when the smell wafts into the lobby of my building. This place is called More, and I didn't try it for awhile because the cupcakes looked too fancy and pretty to be good. But...I was wrong. I went for the first time back in December, and just went for the second time a couple days ago. They have some really crazy flavors like BLT, goat cheese basil, and margarita. They also have flavors you might expect like red velvet, cookies & cream, chocolate caramel, and plenty of others. The first time I got plain vanilla cake with milk chocolate icing which was excellent, and this time around I got Valrhona chocolate. It had a pretty little piece of edible gold leaf on top, some kind of creamy chocolate mousse inside, as well as a soft little piece of chocolate. To die for.

Oh, and for you non-Chicago people - don't worry, you can order them online.

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  1. of the 6 cupcakes we bought when we were with you, I sampled them favorite was the cookie one (can't remember the exact name). They were all DELISH! Thanks for introducing me to this place! Luckily, I live far from it! :)