Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Cupcake Chronicles

Ok, I seem to have developed a bit of a problem. In the cupcake department. The problem is...I can't stop eating them. Not just cupcakes in general, cupcakes from Sprinkles.

I already wrote about Sprinkles once, when they opened. I thought - great new cupcake place, just a block away from my apartment and couple blocks from work, I'm sure I'll eat them once in awhile. But the thing is...the cupcakes are just so darn good I can't stay away. Living in New York, I was over cupcakes. I mean, as much as one can really be over cupcakes. I didn't think about them and crave them all the time like I do with Sprinkles. I've already aired my grievances with many NYC cupcakes - too much frosting, frosting is too sweet, cake sometimes isn't too fresh, and some of the places have just become more of a novelty and a tourist destination.

But Sprinkles cupcakes are just pure perfection. The cake is always moist and fresh, not too much over-the-top sugary icing, and they have different seasonal flavors - some lasting just a week, some nearly a month, some for a whole season. For example, my newest favorite is vanilla hazelnut chocolate. Vanilla cake with hazelnut chocolate icing. And it was only around for a week! How could they?!

Another part of the "problem" is that they do a free cupcake almost every day. All you have to do is look on their Twitter feed or Facebook page and learn what the secret word is, then be one of the first 25 (or sometimes 50) people to say the password and you get a free cupcake of their choice. For example: "Last day of summer! First 25 people to whisper “autumn” at each Sprinkles receive a free pumpkin adorned with a fall leaf!"

Peter told me he thinks I'll eat 100 over the next year. That seems a little drastic, but I did start keeping a tally since he said that. Here's my current standings. Lots of halves because sometimes I get two different flavors for us to share. This probably isn't something to really be proud of.

Carrot: 2 1/2
Vanilla milk chocolate: 1
Dark chocolate: 1
Lemon: 1/2
Key lime: 1
Vanilla: 1/2
Cinnamon sugar: 1
Red velvet: 1/2
Chocolate coconut: 1/2
Vanilla hazelnut chocolate: 2
Pumpkin: 1/2

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