Monday, September 13, 2010

Paella 2.0

I made paella a few weeks ago, and it was good...but not great. I used my biggest skillet, long grain white rice, and I bought some chorizo from the butcher counter at Whole Foods. I don't know if they mislabeled the chorizo, or put the wrong spices in it, or what...but it wasn't working. And I thought - if I'm going to do this again, I need to do it right. Go big or go home!

I bought a proper paella pan, Spanish chorizo, and Calasparra "Bomba" rice from La Tienda. No messing around this time.

I had been using long grain white rice because it was the best option at the store. Even though arborio rice is short grain I didn't want to use it because I thought it might make the paella too creamy and risotto-like. But the Bomba rice is short grain and expands perfectly without being sticky.

The chorizo was so good and spicy. It's cured so I just threw it into the pan along with the shellfish.

And obviously, the pan made a big difference. It's bigger than my skillet so it allowed everything to be properly spread out, especially since I added chicken this time so there was even more in the pan. The best part - the crust on the bottom, called the socarrat. You can see a nice chunk of it in the foreground of this picture.

Yum! The paella turned out really, really well this time with all the proper ingredients. And I used a hot Spanish paprika which made everything nice and spicy. The chicken was a nice addition - cooked in the oven, chopped, and added along with the shellfish. I also added a little 2 ounce jar of sliced piquillo peppers. Except for the nice steam burn I gave myself on a couple of my fingers, it was a perfect meal. Here's the recipe.

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  1. Katherine Burgess, I'm SO impressed with your culinary skills and gusto!! Where were they when we were ordering fudge cake from Gee Whiz diner after inhaling floppy Cafe Amore pizza? You should definitely open a cooking camp or something!