Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New York Weekend - 'ino

Last time we went to New York we made a beeline for 'ino, and this time was no different. 'ino is one of my favorite restaurants in New York - it's the tiniest restaurant you'll probably ever see, about 15 feet by 30, with 8 small tables and a few seats at the bar.

The menu consists of panini and tramezzini, bruschetta, and a few other little things like meat and cheese plates.

That's actually half a meat plate and half a cheese plate. It's not on the menu, but you know, if you just ask...

And of course, we had to order the asparagus, truffle oil, and parmesan bruschetta.

I realized the difference from when I made it, is that they do cook their asparagus. Theirs is still so bright and crisp, they must just blanch it quickly.

And for my sandwich, I ordered my old faithful: half green salad, half panini - soppressata, fontina, and rucola.

Ahhh, 'ino makes me so happy. You can't go wrong with anything you order. And the bread they use for paninis, and for toasts with the meat and cheese plate is so good. Add a half bottle of white wine to your lunch order...pure heaven.

'ino Cafe and Wine Bar
21 Bedford Street, New York NY (between Houston and Downing)


  1. yuuuuuum! this made me so jealous and sad to live elsewhere. ino is so good. i just officially added that to my "must do" list for our visit in october.

  2. seriously...i really miss this place. it's beyond good.