Thursday, April 22, 2010

Peaches (Praski)

Alright CSG girls (and everyone else, but especially CSG girls) - get ready to be very jealous. Yesterday I had the honor of making Jacquilyn's famous "peaches" with her! For those of you who don't know, these are wonderful little sugary cookies filled with jam that Jacquilyn's grandmother used to make for her to bring into school on her birthday every year. Jacquilyn's family is Macedonian, and after a little internet research I learned that these cookies are traditional among countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia. In Macedonian, they are called "praski" - or, peaches. I hope that's all correct information. J, let me know if it's not!

So without revealing any secret family recipes, here's how it was done. First, obviously, the dough:

That's Jacquilyn mixing the dough. What's in it, you want to know? I'll tell you one ingredient...sugar. Hehe. Ok, fast forward to cookies coming out of the oven. Oops. We messed up a little and they flattened out. They did taste good, though.

That's ok, we'll start over. After adjusting the recipe a bit, we got the right result - nice little round cookies.

And now, building the peaches. We made little sandwiches with strawberry preserves, colored them with red and yellow food dye, and then covered them in a sugar mixture.

Aren't they so pretty? And if it's possible, they taste even better than they look. Secret grandmother recipes are always the best. Thanks again, Jacquilyn!

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