Monday, April 26, 2010

Columbus Weekend

This past weekend I went home to Columbus for my 10-year CSG (high school) reunion. It was a busy weekend so I didn't have as much time as I usually do to try new bakeries or wander around the North Market, but of course I did eat a lot of good things.

We started Friday night off with some wine and snacks on the porch. This picture is not really focusing on the food too much, because I've showcased my mom's cheese plate ability before, and because I wanted to show how nice the yard looks - everything was so green and in bloom which was beautiful to look at (but not so pleasant for my allergies).

That night we went to dinner at Third and Hollywood, a relatively new restaurant in Grandview. It's a really pretty restaurant with a big, long bar and a stone fireplace. My dad said it has a northern California feel to it which seems about right. It's pretty dark in there so I only took one picture. This is one of the appetizers - wood grilled artichokes. They are so salty and delicious, and the leaves get a nice char on them from being grilled.

Of course, a trip home must include Jeni's. I tried two new flavors (Rhubarb Rosé, and Buckeye State) as well as an old favorite (Lemon Yo).

For those of you not from Ohio, a little multiple choice.

A buckeye is:
a. a nut that grows on a buckeye tree
b. the mascot of THE Ohio State University
c. a peanut butter and chocolate candy shaped to look like a buckeye nut
d. all of the above

The correct answer is d. And so Buckeye State ice cream is peanut butter ice cream flecked with chocolate. And I put a buckeye candy on top (thanks for sending them over, Mrs. Murnane!).

The rhubarb and lemon were actually very tasty together...

Part of the reunion weekend was a luncheon at school on Saturday. I took this picture not so much for the food that was served, but for the dish. These are the dishes we ate lunch on every day at school. My plate was usually filled with chicken fingers and cookies. Jamie Oliver would not be happy. Our school did have a lot of great choices for lunch - a hot dish option, daily salad bar, PBJ every day, pasta, milk and juice, and of course dessert.

For lunch on Sunday we went to Lindey's in German Village. If I were moving back to Columbus, I would live in German Village. It's so cute - brick houses and brick roads. The top picture is Lindey's, and the bottom is the view as you walk out of the restaurant.

I had a BLT with avocado. I can't resist a BLT for Sunday lunch.

I also spent a lot of time with these ladies over the weekend.

Quincy is being shy, but Ruby is showing off her goose baby. What a great weekend!

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