Thursday, April 15, 2010

Play Ball!

I went to my first Cubs game yesterday! It was a gorgeous day out - 80 degrees. I've been to Fenway, old Yankees Stadium, Shea and Citi Field...and now I can add Wrigley to that list. What does the Wrigley Field sign remind you of?

Larry and Balki! Opening credits of Perfect Strangers! Ok, maybe it only reminds me of that. Anyway, here's a couple photos from our seats:

In that last picture, see those seats up high? Those actually aren't part of the ball park, but are on the rooftops of buildings across the street. There's about 10 buildings that do this, you can pay $80 or so for those seats which also include all you can eat and drink, and a lower level where you can get out of the sun. Pretty cool. Of course with a baseball game comes...snacks! I got my favorite ballpark food - Italian sausage with peppers and onions. Sarah went for classic peanuts.

Thanks again for inviting me, Sarah! The Cubs beat the Brewers 7-6, very exciting. But more importantly - the Red Sox won and the Yankees lost yesterday :)

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