Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daley Plaza Farmers Market

Finally, I made it to the farmers market! I visited the Daley Plaza market last Thursday. I was hoping to get to the market on Division Street yesterday, but I had to work. It opens at 7am though, so I will try to go next weekend.

The plaza was packed with vendors selling fresh herbs, produce, and lots of baked goods.

Also, the fountain was dyed red for some reason. Kind of scary.

Since it was a downtown market during a weekday, it was a little more geared towards a lunch crowd. There were a few Thai noodles vendors, and a pizza vendor. We got a couple to share for lunch.

That first one is a medium tomato and garlic pizza, and the second is a small with artichoke hearts. They were both really good. I wish I could remember the name of the vendor we bought them from.

Of course, lunch must be followed by dessert. We got a Lil Devin from Ivy Upper Crust bakery - two oatmeal cranberry cookies sandwiched together with vanilla cream cheese icing.

And I may have purchased some fresh catnip...

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