Friday, May 21, 2010


We recently tried a new restaurant in the Old Town neighborhood - Salpicon. We were in the mood for Mexican and found this place online. Honestly, we were more in the mood for a low-key taco place and when we walked in found that this place was a much nicer place than we were planning on...but it was excellent.

We started off with guacamole and chips. Sorry the pictures are dark - I used my phone camera.

We ordered a couple more appetizers: blue crab salad with apple, avocado, and chipotle chiles, and I can't remember exactly what the second one is, but it's something involving shredded pork and chorizo....and it was really good.

For entrees, the soft shell crab, and the beef tenderloin with Chihuahua cheese and spicy tomatillo sauce.

The soft shall crab was wonderful. It was served with avocado, and with roasted garlic that had been first soaked in milk. Soft shell crab season is so short, so once I heard that it was one of the specials of the night I knew I had to get it.

And of course, dessert. The first one is an orange tres leches cake, and the second is a molten chocolate/espresso cake with vanilla ice cream.

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