Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boston Trip - Harwich Port, Cape Cod

We stayed in Harwich Port for two nights at the end of the week for the wedding of Julie and Lou. I actually hadn't been to the Cape since college a "few" years ago, so I was very happy to return and even visit some of the same places.

The day of the wedding we had some free time and decided to get breakfast at Bonatt's. Most of us had been before on that trip in college, and we all remembered the melt-a-ways. What's a melt-a-way you ask?

If you click on that picture it should get big enough to read the whole story. In short, melt-a-ways are the specialty of Bonatt's and you get them as soon as you sit down to the table. It's basically a sticky bun that's croissant-like on the inside with glaze and some powdered sugar on top.

Now, I have to say that some members of the group didn't like them. It's hard to tell if they're different from when we were there last because it was so long ago, but some people detected an anise flavor, others said it was lemony. I'll admit there was a very, very slight bitter flavor to them. But I thought they were really good. And so did Tim because later that day he informed me what was in his hotel room:

For breakfast I got an egg and cheese sandwich with linguica. I don't pass up a chance to eat linguica.

I didn't get lunch that day, breakfast was pretty big and the wedding was at 4pm...but of course some of the boys needed a second feeding before the ceremony. We stopped at the Mason Jar after spending a couple hours at the beach.

I wanted to take a photo inside but it was pretty crowded and I felt like if I started snapping pictures in there I may as well have been a fanny pack-wearing tourist. But here you can see it looks like a cute little house.

So I didn't get anything, but I had some of Peter's ham and brie sandwich and clam chowder.

We never made it to Sundae School which I am still very sad about. We just didn't have a lot of time with all the wedding festivities. But I had to share this of the most genius wedding hors d'oeuvres I've ever seen. Grilled cheese and spicy tomato soup. Delicious.

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