Friday, March 12, 2010

Cheese Plate

There's nothing I love more than a cheese plate. In our household, when Saturday 4pm or 5pm rolls around, that means time for some wine and a cheese plate...perfection.

I thought I should share what my mom put together last Saturday before we went to dinner. I don't think the words "cheese plate" are enough to describe all the wonderful goodies in this spread.

Let's see, for cheese we have: d'Affinois, Petit Basque, and a Canadian cheddar. D'Affinois is my absolute's similar to brie because it's a double-cream cow's milk cheese, but it's creamier and has a little bit smoother taste. Behind the cheese is a salami. I didn't even realize, but yesterday Peter said, "you know, I like how your mom does the salami...she peels the casing off." Interesting...I hadn't even noticed, but I guess that's the secret.

Cashews are in the little bowl on the right. Then in the bowl there's flax seed flatbread crackers, and some other little kind of salty cracker, not sure what they are. Lastly, a dish of cornichons. And of course the red and white wine. Ahh, happiness on a plate.

That's my last post about my weekend in Columbus. Time to get back to writing about cooking!

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