Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pistacia Vera

Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day in Columbus, really feeling like spring is on its way. We decided to make a stop in German Village (my favorite neighborhood in Columbus) to pick up some treats at Pistacia Vera. As they say on their website, it's a "dessert boutique". It's very modern-looking but still warm and inviting and it has a very European feel to it. In the dessert case they have about a dozen flavors of macarons, as well as various tarts and cakes. They have an impressive-looking chocolate cake (which also comes in a mini size) called a chocolate bombe which is described as "chocolate buttermilk cake with semisweet chocolate tawny port mousse glazed with a chocolate ganache". Wow. It was a thing of beauty. The pates de fruit also caught my eye - little sugar coated jelly candies in several flavors. And there were of course plenty of cookies and scones on dishes in open air.

After much deliberation we made our selections. I chose a bittersweet fudgie and a lime ginger cookie, my dad chose a chocolate chunk cookie coated with a layer of chopped pistachios, and Peter chose 2 macarons - milk chocolate hazelnut and Madagascar vanilla bean. We took our spoils to go, for a taste test at home.

Or so I dad gobbled his cookie in the car before I could have a taste or even get a picture of it. How was it? "Damn good". Fair enough.

My mom, Peter and I sampled the rest of the confections. The lime ginger cookie - soft, crispy sugar on top, delicate lime flavor, not too sweet. Wonderful. The macarons - barely crispy on the outside, very soft on the inside, just enough creme filling. I liked the vanilla one the best. And the bittersweet fudgie - heavenly. Pretty much a brownie in cookie's clothing. Unbelievably soft and fudgy, rich chocolatey taste - definitely a fan favorite.

We didn't even get into the nougat, or biscotti, or scones...I need to plan a trip back asap.

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