Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Goddess and Grocer

I mentioned this cute little gourmet store in a post about Jeni's, but I can't believe it's taken me this long to write about it! It's right on my block, I can actually see the brown and white striped awning from my window. The Goddess and Grocer is a wonderful little market with all kinds of goodies, as well as baked goods and prepared food. They also do catering. And they have two other Chicago area locations.

They have a small but well-chosen wine selection, and best of all they have a punch card for when you purchase a bottle - after you buy 12, you get a bottle free ($12 or less)! I mean...who doesn't like free wine?

And, my favorite, the cheese. You might be able to see in this picture on the middle shelf, second from the right...the Pavé d'Affinois. D'Affinois cheese is my favorite, and it usually comes cut into wedges from a big wheel, like brie. But sometimes you can find it in a little 5 oz. brick form (pavé), which is so cute and delicious.

Here's part of the prepared food case, it's really big so i couldn't fit it all in the picture. They have different kinds of chicken, pastas, salads, and soups. And they make sandwiches and salads to order.

And last but not least, the treats. They have gourmet chocolate bars, Tate's cookies, and lots of other little candies and goodies. And they do have a nice spread of cakes and cupcakes which are in the prepared food case.

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