Monday, March 15, 2010

Jeni's in Chicago

I'm so happy to say that you can now buy Jeni's ice cream in Chicago at The Goddess and Grocer! It's a wonderful little gourmet store that happens to be right on my block, and they also have a location in Bucktown. As I write this I'm wondering, why have I not written about this store yet? Another post, another day. Anyway, the Gold Coast location (near me) has four flavors - Salty Caramel, Honey Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate, and Savannah Buttermint. The Bucktown location has 12 flavors.

I'm now the proud owner of that pint of Savannah Buttermint on the left. I opened it as soon as I got home (I haven't tried this flavor before), and it was (obviously) delicious. It has a really soft mint, almost candy cane-like flavor, with tiny pieces of white chocolate. These pints are a little pricey ($12 - yikes!), but hopefully once they start flying off the shelves, as I'm sure they will, the price will fall a bit. There was already just one Salty Caramel left, so that's a sure sign.

On another Columbus-related note, my fair city got a shout out in yesterday's New York Times travel section. There was a nice little write up about the Short North neighborhood, including a mention of Jeni's and Tasi Cafe.

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  1. This makes me so happy to know that. I am planning a trip there this weekend. Thank you for sharing.