Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Got Milk?

Yup, I'm writing a post about milk. Just regular, old milk. Actually, it's not just regular, old milk... A couple weeks ago I realized as I was walking home from Whole Foods that I forgot milk, and stopped at the grocery store in the bottom of our building. I saw Oberweis milk, which I never noticed before - it comes in an old fashioned glass bottle, and only in half gallons. It didn't cost more than any other kind of milk, so I bought a bottle of the 2%. I came upstairs and looked up Oberweis on the computer and realized they also make ice cream, and that they have an ice cream and dairy store in Wicker Park...which led me to this review on Yelp:

If I was on my death bed I would ask for a half gallon of Oberweis 2% milk, no whole milk, I'm dying here, what difference would it make, served to me still in the glass jug. I would like it to be tucked gently into a snow bank outside my window, chilled by nature, the bottle sweating once brought inside and I will drink the entire bottle as I eat various chocolate treats before I expire.

Wow. I knew this milk must be good, and let me tell you - it is. I gave up skim milk a long time ago (too watery) so I was used to drinking lowfat milk anyway, but this 2% tastes like straight up cream. It's so thick and fresh, and something about the glass bottle makes it that much better...I think because it keeps it colder. They ask (printed on the bottle) that you bring back the empty bottle when finished, so I brought it back to the grocery...and you get $1.50 back! Sweet! And if it couldn't possibly get any better, they also do home delivery of milk AND ice cream.

I went to buy my third bottle today, and as I walked up to the refrigerated case I didn't see my familiar red cap...completely sold out of my beloved 2%. It was like a dark Eeyore cloud settled over me. I stood there in disbelief. Should I go for the skim milk? No. Should I buy another brand? NO. The rest of my mornings this week just won't be the same! I asked when the next milk delivery comes...and was told Friday. FRIDAY?!?! I stood there, lost in a sea of dairy...

I finally surrendered to a half gallon of Organic Valley 2%. Ugh. Friday can't come soon enough. Since I don't have any of this wonderful milk to take a picture of right now, here's the sad shelf at the store...an empty space between the skim and chocolate where the 2% should be.

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  1. My friend in Massachusetts gets her milk and ice cream delivered by an old fashioned milkman and like this one it comes in a glass bottle and she insisted it was better than other milk so I gave it a try and couldn't believe it. I don't even like milk and now every time I got to see her I have a glass. The chocolate chip blackraspberry frozen yogurt that he delivers is also delicious, but I have to put in a special request for that in advance and have forgotten on my last few trips.