Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mussels & Clams

I just realized that I forgot to include in my paella post a note about storing mussels and clams. Usually the store will give them to you in a plastic container with a lid - if you're not going to cook them as soon as you get home DON'T keep them in this container because they will suffocate. They really are alive when you buy them, at least they should be.

Check out this link from, it's helpful if you're not familiar with mussels and clams. I don't cook them too often so thankfully Peter remembered that they shouldn't be kept in an airtight container. That first note in the link is in reference to if you get a mussel or clam that's open. They should all be closed, but if you get one that's open tap it on the counter and if it's still alive it will close up. If not, it's dead so don't eat it.

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