Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ghiradelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop

A post about a sundae on a Sunday! Sorry, I had to. I feel a little silly writing about this place. It's very touristy. I may as well write a post about TGI Friday's in Times Square. Ok, it's not that bad, but still...Ghiradelli chocolate is Ghiradelli chocolate, and when the need for an ice cream sundae hit I didn't have a lot of choices.

When was the last time you had a real, honest to goodness ice cream sundae? Not eating out of a pint from the grocery store, or having some ice cream on the side of a piece of pie. I mean the whole nine - ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, cherry on top, and maybe even a brownie on the bottom. Until last night, I couldn't tell you when or where my last ice cream sundae was. After dinner last night it hit me that I NEEDED one. I wish we had a little hometown place like Vic's, or Graeter's, or Scoops near us. But we don't. Might I add, two of those three places I just listed are so small and old school they don't even have their own websites. So off to Ghiradelli we went.

We went at 10:00 and it was a total mob scene. I don't know what I expected, but I knew they were open until midnight so I should have figured that they stay open that late for a good reason.

After looking over the menu while waiting in line...

We chose a brownie sundae with cookie dough ice cream instead of vanilla, and dark chocolate hot fudge (vs. milk chocolate). Ok, "we" didn't chose. I chose. I was the boss of this field trip. But how cool is it that you can choose dark or milk chocolate hot fudge?

Then they give you a number, and you can go watch the sundae makers. And there's a lot of them!

We happened to be stationed right by the chocolate and peanut butter department. I almost grabbed the canisters and made a run for it.

At long last, our sundae was ready.

I know, kind of lame that we shared one. But while we were studying the menu I realized that any sundae that costs $9 is probably pretty big, and it was. Anyway, we took it home to get away from the crowd. And it was so, so very good. I had forgotten how the addition of hot fudge can exponentially increase ice cream enjoyment. Maraschino cherries, ew. But you gotta get a cherry on top. And Peter likes them, so he ate it.

I had sweet ice cream sundae dreams that night. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.


  1. A-mazing! Adding thick, melted fudge really does turn an already delicious dessert into an all-out eyes-rolling-into-back-of-head experience. Were you at Carmine's when we ordered that Titanic years back?

  2. Yessss I was. I will never forget that massive pile of ice cream with cookies sticking out of the top like smokestacks.