Monday, June 28, 2010


I thought I had written a post about Quartino, but looking back I realized I only wrote about their white bean garlic spread. Which is heavenly. I had Quartino on the brain after walking by and seeing their World Cup sign out front, and we've been having some really perfect weather and decided to take advantage of their outdoor seating. All this equates to me finally being able to take some decent photos of their food, since it was light out and I could use the camera on my phone. I have a self-imposed ban on flash photography in restaurants. Of food, not of people.

Predictably, we put in an order of white bean garlic spread as soon as we sat down.

They currently have a special wine menu of "World Cup Wines". How fun! Too bad the U.S. is already out. And Italy. And France. And some other countries on there, too. Jeez.

We also got fried calamari...

And the veal meatball sliders, which are SO good. They look a lot bigger in this picture than they really are - they're just normal slider size.

And on to the main course - pasta and pizza. I was hungry, ok?! I think I've ordered this pasta every time I've come: house-made cavatelli with tomato, fresh basil, and fresh ricotta.

They let you do half-and-half pizzas, which makes me very happy. Here we have half margherita and half sausage.

We ended up taking a lot of the pizza home in a doggie bag. Speaking of more picture. Before dinner we had a drink at Clark Street Ale House, and this sweet lady was hanging out. Dogs + bars = awesome.


  1. We went to Quartino for a rehearsal dinner- it is legit. How do you two eat so much food in one sitting? I honestly thought the meal was over with the sliders.

  2. I know, the amount of food we ordered was a little ridiculous. I think neither of us ate lunch that day. In all fairness, we did take most of the pizza home.