Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mike's Pastry Pistachio Cookies

As if it wasn't enough that my sister surprised me with a trip to Chicago last weekend, she brought Mike's Pastry with her! Mike's Pastry is an institution in Boston. It's an Italian pastry shop in the North End neighborhood, and there's pretty much always a line out the door. They are most famous for their cannoli, and rightfully so. If you're not in Boston, don't worry - you can order a cannoli kit online! We've done it before. They deliver the shells carefully packaged, the filling packed with cold packs, and chopped pistachios and chocolate chips to dip them in once you've filled them.

I had never had anything other than cannoli from Mike's, until a couple years ago (which is crazy, because they have so many amazing things). My family was having dinner at our favorite restaurant in the North End, Il Panino, which is right around the corner from Mike's. After dinner they served us a plate of these bright green cookies covered in powdered sugar. They were pistachio macaroons from Mike's. They became an instant favorite. So, that's what my sister brought for me.

I told you they were bright green. Like, neon Shrek green. They are just a little crispy on the outside, and really soft on the inside with lots of big pieces of pistachio. We ordered them to be served as part of our wedding dessert (in addition to Jeni's ice cream sandwiches).

photo courtesy: Jim Sanders Photography

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