Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in Columbus

I'm back from my weekend in Columbus, and as usual I have lots of food adventures to share!

The main reason for the trip home was for Elizabeth and Parker's wedding at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Instead of a wedding cake, they had some very pretty chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

After the wedding, we all headed downtown to Elevator Brewery. I had actually never been before, even though I've driven by hundreds of times. It's a really beautiful bar which is on the national registry of historic landmarks, and they serve their own micro-brews as well as wine, cocktails, and food.

Breakfast on Sunday: Block's Bagels. I haven't been to Block's for a really, really long time. Living in New York, I always got my fill of bagels. But Chicago just isn't a bagel town, and I needed a fix. I got a lox platter on a toasted everything bagel.

Sunday afternoon brought a trip to the North Market to pick up dinner.

There was a convention in town, and the market was packed. Look at the line at Jeni's!

Upon my mom and dad's request, I made Greek tomato fritters as an appetizer.

For dinner we had salmon with Soy Vay, roasted asparagus, and salad with fresh peas and red onion. Look familiar?

And last but not least, dessert. Strawberry rhubarb pie from an Amish family at the farmers market (outside North Market on Saturday mornings), with Strawberry Buttermilk and Meyer Lemon Yogurt from Jeni's.